Goodman Variable Speed, Multi-Position Air Handler with Smart Frame Cabinet


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This Bundle Includes:
One Condenser (outdoor unit) model SSZ140241
One Air Handler )indoor unit) model AVPTC24B14
Pre-Charged R-410A up to 15′
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Product Description

AVPTC Multi-Position, Variable-Speed Air Handler with
ComfortNet™ Compatible Communications System
The AVPTC variable-speed air handler runs at a constant low speed, as opposed to standard air handlers that operate on two speeds. This unique benefit delivers precise amounts of cooling or heating. The variable-speed motor enables more even distribution of the air from room-to room and floor-to-ceiling, reducing the likelihood of hot and cold spots allowing a consistent temperature maintained throughout your home. The AVPTC air handler manages humidity levels in the home, consumes less energy, reduces the noise level and allows for better indoor air quality and comfort. This air handler either is ideal for new or retrofit installations.

Product Features:

  • Compatible with the ComfortNet™ Communicating System family of products
  • Compatible with heat pumps and variable-capacity cooling applications
  • Built-in coil has horizontal, vertical, and downflow drain pans with secondary, drain connections
  • Auto configuration of the airflow and tonnage in communicating mode
  • Provides constant CFM over a wide range of static pressure conditions independent of duct system
  • Provides low CFM for efficient fan-only operation
  • Factory-installed thermal expansion valves for cooling and heat pump applications
  • Maximum four low-voltage wires required for operation in communicating mode
  • Improved humidity control and comfort
  • R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant
  • Variable-speed ECM blower motor
  • CFM indicator
  • Up to 12 field-selectable airflow settings can be adjusted to optimize the system’s CFM for each individual mode of operation
  • AHRI certified; ETL listed

Cabinet Features:

  • Fully insulated, painted steel cabinet with attractive Architectural Gray finish
  • Compact, versatile upflow, downflow, or horizontal multi-position Installations
  • Built-in filter rack for 1″ filter (filter not included)
  • Low-voltage cabinet connections; control circuit is arranged to permit staging
  • Power supply on top; low-voltage entry on top or side
  • Factory-sealed to achieve 2% or less leakage rate with or without field-installed filter kits at 1.0″ water gauge external duct static pressure

*Warranty void unless installed by a licensed professional


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2Ton – $795 (Sized for 900-1200 sf), 2.5Ton – $850 (Sized for 1200-1500 sf), 3Ton – $895 (Sized for 1500-1800 sf), 4Ton – $995 (Sized for 1800-2400 sf), 5Ton – $1050 (Sized for 2400-3000 sf)


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