Our Easy Three Step Process


Mr. Fixit is always available to answer your calls and inquiries, 24 hours a day, all days of the week. He can set up an free, onsite visit to your home to assess the actual site for the project. Our main goal is to help our customers make a smart and informed decision, which is why we share helpful advice and professional recommendation upfront and free of charge.

Pick Your Flooring

Once you are ready to get your project underway, we will help you make the right choice through selecting the most ideal flooring options. Mr. Fixit has access to vendor discounts and can help you purchase your desired flooring for a low price rate. Our vendor network includes great options for all types of flooring including carpet, tile, hardwood, stone, and more.


The flooring installation process is systematically and expertly done to ensure seamless results. Mr. Fixit dedicatedly works for your project completion to make sure we provide perfection in every possible detail, hassle-free. Mr. Fixit will work to your schedule providing flexible convenience/


Every home’s flooring system is a vital part of the living environment and an important investment to maintaining the quality of your home. Residential and commercial properties rely on their flooring system not just for aesthetic purposes but most importantly, for function and security. Whether you are planning for a new floor installation, replacement, repair, and renovation, you need no less than a reliable and established flooring specialist to do the job. Call Mr. Fixit today to have your flooring done the right way.