Our Easy Three Step Process

Request a Roof Inspection

Did your home just suffer through hail or a violent storm? Are you noticing leaks in your attic or ceilings. Don’t neglect these warning signs which can lead to long term damage to your home, call Mr. Fixit today to set up a roof inspection.

Meet with insurance adjuster

Mr. Fixit will guide you through your claims process. Contact your insurance adjuster to set up an inspection to assess your damages. Mr. Fixit will conveniently meet with your adjuster at the time of the inspection to oversee the inspection process and make sure you are fairly assessed for
the cost of repair.

Roofing Repair

Mr. Fixit guarantees a convenient and hassle-free repair. Mr. Fixit is a seasoned professional for home contractor services and will execute your job in a timely fashion at competitive rate that beats the competition.

Storm Damage Roofing Repair

Hail Damage

A lot of states experience hail storms that result to major roof damages. The effects of hail damage on your roof may not be noticeable at first but become visible in the long haul taking at times months or years to notice the full effects. However, roof damages due to hail storm require immediate restoration in order to avoid permanent damage or irreparable results.

Mr. Fixit is a seasoned veteran for roofing repair and maintenance. He will assess the damage using a thorough and step by step procedure. Your roof undergoes close inspection and troubleshooting and the surrounding area is examined for a comprehensive look.

Wind Damage

Strong winds is a leading destroyer of all types of roofs from residential to commercial properties. Roof damage due to strong winds is more common than hail damage and could lead to stray shingles or shingle masses spread throughout your yard.

Mr. Fixit is a highly skilled roof repair expert that can restore all roof damages due to strong winds. Mr. Fixit will adequately assess all types of roof storm damages as well as help facilitate the insurance claim process.

Storm Damage

Storms are natural calamities that leave havoc especially to your roof. When storms strike, damage naturally occurs. Mr. Fixit provides comprehensive storm damage repair for all areas of your home to make sure your home returns to proper condition. Mr. Fixit is an expert roofer that will promptly and efficiently respond to your call for roof repairs and complete the work for a great affordable rate, lower than other contractors.

Roofing Services




Your roofing system is an essential and integral part of your house that needs protection from all forms of damage. Roofing is a valuable investment that offers you the sanctuary and shield from the elements. Your roof investment can make financial sense especially if you use innovative and energy-saving roofing options.

Mr. Fixit will help you understand how you can save on your roofing system through lower utility bills, reduced insurance premiums, and credits from your federal taxes. We help you find the best roofing materials that are cost effective while boosting your property aesthetics.

New Roofs and Roof Replacement



Roof replacement projects are necessary if you are experiencing excessive energy costs and if your roof damage is beyond repair. Visible warning signs that indicate the need for a new roof include mildew or mold buildup and exterior decay, dark spots, cracking, curling, and missing shingles, and attic leakage. You also need to have your roof replaced if you see any wall or interior ceiling stains and peeling or blistering paints.

Preventative Maintenance and Roof Repairs

We repair all types of roof damage no matter how great or small the problem may be. Our roofing professionals are highly skilled and fully equipped with the latest technology to restore your roofing system. We also specialize in preventative maintenance to avoid any future roof damage. Our repair services include skylight leaks, missing shingles, and repair of chimney, flashing, and damaged roof vents.


Leave the difficult task to us and have your leaky roof repaired without lifting a finger. We specialize in gutter installation to counter the heavy rains and ensure adequate draining for your roof. Proper gutter function prevents roofing material erosion and deterioration from fungus and mold growth due to stagnant water buildup. Mr. Fixit installs high quality and durable gutters and applies preventative measures in order to shun huge roof damages in the future.

Ventilation (Attics, Power Vents, Ridge Vents)



Ventilation is an essential part of any residential property. We provide substantial ventilation to your home in order to protect your property’s health and most importantly, your wellness and that ofyour entire family. Protection from roof damage is also possible with proper ventilation especially the prevention of mold and mildew growth. Mr. Fixit can facilitate proper ventilation to your home through the ridge vents, attics, and power vents.

Attic Insulations



Energy-saving attic insulation is the solution to lower your electricity consumption by upwards of 20%. Mr. Fixit can evaluate opportunities to insulate your attic, focusing on roof areas where the heat escapes and cold permeates your home. Attic insulation efficiently retains the right indoor temperature. Mr. Fixit will do a comprehensive job from the ceiling joists to adding 15” of required insulation in your attic.