Our Easy Three Step Process

Free Consultation

If you are experiencing HVAC issues, give Mr. Fixit a call to arrange an appointment for an in-home consultation. Mr. Fixit will provide an on-site inspection of your unit to assess your servicing needs, troubleshoot any problems, or get to the root cause of a HVAC unit failure.

In-Home Inspection

After inspecting your unit, Mr. Fixit will generate a service package catered to your needs. Mr. Fixit is not in the business of upselling customers like other HVAC contractors, he is conscious of your budget and requirements and will only advise you on what is necessary to repair or maintain your HVAC unit. If your home requires a HVAC unit replacement, Mr. Fixit can advise you on the most cost-effective options to meet your heating and air conditioning needs.

Preventative Maintenance, Repair, or Installation

Mr. Fixit provides competitive rates on HVAC servicing, repair, or installation projects. Based on your service plan and needs, Mr. Fixit will cater to your schedule to get the job done right. With Mr. Fixit you are guaranteed a professional, hassle-free experience at a great rate that beats the competition.

Heating Repair

Has cold weather arrived and your home just doesn’t feel warm enough? Is your furnace leaking carbon monoxide and in need of repair?

Air Conditioner Repair

Turned on your A/C but cold air isn’t coming through the vents? Call Mr. Fixit to conduct a free home inspection to troubleshoot your issue.

Air Filtration

Does your air feel a bit stuffy in your home? Are your kids suffering from allergies or breathing problems? Have your ventilation and air quality examined today.

Water Heaters

Having hot water issues? Enjoying a warm shower but your water goes cold after a few minutes? Have Mr. Fixit take a look at that water heater for you.

  • How can I manage and reduce my heating costing during Winter months?

    Proper maintenance of your furnace or heat pump unit will provide maximum efficiency to optimize your gas or utility bill. Often times, customers are unaware of leaky furnaces that increase gas consumption and other issues. Mr. Fixit can also assess the insulation in your attic and other areas of your home to evaluate opportunities to reduce the load on your HVAC unit through adequate home insulation.

    How long will my furnace or air conditioning unit last until it needs to be replaced?

    The typical furnace or air conditioner will last 10-20 years on average. This range is dependent on the quality of installation and level of regular service and preventative maintenance done to upkeep the unit. If your budget permits, it may be worth replacing an old unit as newer models provide greater quality and energy efficiency which can lead to significant savings on your energy bill.

  • My energy bill is sky high during the summer. What can I do to reduce my A/C cooling costs?

    There are several tips and techniques to optimize your cooling costs in the summer. Primarily, it is essential that you have an A/C technician service your unit to ensure optimal efficiency. You will also want to change your filters after the Spring season. It also helps to keep your home thermostat set at a constant temperature between 76-78°. Turning your A/C completely off when you are not home, may cause your unit to over work to resume normal temperatures when you return. De-humidifiers are also great for maintaining a comfortable environment at higher temperatures in this humid Georgia environment, and will cause your
    A/C to work less.

    Some rooms in my home are colder than others. How do I fix this?

    This issue is a result of inadequate airflow which can be caused by a variety of reasons such as dirty filters, coils, or blowers that are restricting the air flow through the air handler in certain areas of the home. There could also be an issue with your duct system where there is a leak at some point due to the ducts coming loose. A lot of homes simply suffer from poor design work where the air conditioning and duct system is not balanced and therefore air flow is not equally distributed. Mr. Fixit can conduct an in-home inspection to assess your air flow issues to get to the root cause of your problem.

  • How does air quality affect my home?

    Poor air filtration can result in the proliferation of airborne particles and pollutants like dust, mold and animal dander. This can be detrimental to family members who suffer from allergies,asthma and other breathing problems. Elevated humidity in your home can lead to the discomfort of feeling hot and sticky, and also promotes mold and mildew growth.

    How do I improve the air quality in my home?

    Proper servicing and flushing of your HVAC unit and duct work is the first step to eliminating airborne pollutants. Using higher quality air filters for your HVAC unit, with MERV ratings between 17 and 20, provide the best filtration for your home by removing up to 98% of air pollutants. Don’t forget to change your filters every 3 months! De-humidifiers are also great for our humid Georgia weather allowing you to feel comfortable at higher thermostat settings which will cause your A/C to work less and save on your energy bill.

  • How often should I have my A/C serviced?

    Most A/C contractors will try to upsell you on a frequent service plan claiming it is necessary to maintain the health of your unit. If you regularly change your air filters and manage the operation of your unit, you can help maintain the efficiency and life of your unit. Nevertheless it is wise to have an HVAC technician service and inspect your unit annually, particularly before the summer months for your A/C and before the winter months if you have a furnace.

    What steps can I take to maintain my air conditioner or furnace?

    For air conditioner and heat pump units you will want to:

    • Inspect your air filter monthly and change it every 30-90 days depending on how quickly the filter becomes congested
    • Keep dirt, debris, grass, and leaves away from your outdoor unit
    • Use a hose, without the spray nozzle, to wash away the dirt and debris from the aluminum fins of the unit

    For furnace units you will want to:

    • Inspect your air filter monthly and change it every 30-90 days depending on how quickly the filter becomes congested
    • Make sure the air supply and return vents for the furnace are not obstructed. Nothing should be block the air supply and vents such as furniture, curtains, boxes, etc.
    • Check systems once a year for leaks, corrosion, or damage
    • Keep the area around the furnace clean